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Our Team of Sales Experts

These are Sales professionals who are charged with the responsibility of actively seeking out new opportunities to grow the client portfolio of the organization and also maintaining existing relationships with customers.

They will employ all available mediums, both online and offline to generate new prospects and set up appointments with key decision makers. Sales Executives also conduct market analysis to identify key growth areas and aid decision making processes.

MCCSales Partners provides key Sales Executives that will add value to all your sales processes.

This client relationship officer is in charge of creating and managing key business accounts in designated locations. They would develop new businesses, manage existing client portfolio and also proactively seek out new areas for business expansion.

MCCSales Partners will provide you will Direct Sales Agents who are proactive, passionate and resilient in carrying out their job responsibilities.

Our Pre-sellers will help you increase your market share by ensuring they meet and surpass sales targets. They effectively monitor the supply process from the sales call to the final product/service delivery.

You can count on us to provide top-notch pre-sellers that meet industry standards. We have vast experience in the provision of best fit Pre-sellers to our esteemed client.

This category of Salesmen are those who are in charge of product appearance, enlightening consumers on existing offers, inventory keeping and other services that ensure the ultimate satisfaction of the consumer.

They usually manage corporate outlets like supermarkets, mini marts etc. Merchandizers ensure the smooth flow of the buying process for the consumers. MCCSales Partners outsources highly skilled merchandisers that know the importance of customer brand management

These are tech savvy Sales professionals who utilize the power of technology to drive sales. They are familiar with the use of CRM and related sales technology software, and they leverage on social and online platforms to support the sales processes. They are social media experts and know how to utilize the endless potentials available to boost online sales.

The Sales Associate will work closely with the customers to provide products and services best suited to their needs. They have to proactively anticipate the needs of the client and provide solutions tailored to their needs. Our MCCSales Partners Sales Associates are the very best on the field. They will deliver on your sales targets.

This is a sales expert with an Engineering background who has expertise in selling cognate technologically advanced and scientific products. They break down complex procedures into simple steps and sell the products and services of the organization in an effective and efficient manner.

They also provide after support services to meet the technical demands of the clients. Our Sales Engineers are technical experts who would provide the very best services in that field.

These salesmen are trained to take a consultative approach to selling. They understand the dynamic perception of the buyer and tailor the selling process to fit it. They effectively devise strategies to solve problems thereby adding value to business partnerships.

MCCSales Partners outsources sales consultants who are intricately familiar with the consultative sales approach. We groom them to take each business transaction as an opportunity to add value to the client..

The Van Sales Representative is a mobile salesman who will combine his driving skill with his sales expertise to produce the desired results. He would be charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the company’s products has market presence and are properly distributed in all specific outlets on all assigned routes.

The Van Sales Representative will skillfully identify untapped areas and suggest to management on areas of expansion.

These are experienced Sales professionals who are in charge of providing support to the Sales team to ensure the prompt achievement of all sales deliverables..

They are performance driven and have to ensure that the team remains passionate and motivated to achieve all their sales target. Sales coordinators play a huge role in the success of every sales team, therefore we will ensure you have the right man for your team.

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