MCCSales Partners Outsourcing is an innovative platform designed to partner with client organizations by providing best fit sales professionals who will increase the company’s market share and ensure the achievement of company’s strategic business goals

Our sales professionals are trained by industry experts in all aspects of sales, marketing, customer service and sales technology. We deploy the highly rated participants to our partner companies.

Our partners have added advantage to incorporate a fully equipped sales team to drive their output. Listed is our team of sales experts who can serve in different capacities. Our specialists include but are not limited to: Specialist Salesmen, Pre-Sellers, Merchandizers, Sales Consultants, Digital Salesmen

Our Team of Sales Experts

These are Salesmen that have a vast knowledge of the product being sold. They render additional services by explaining the nitty gritty of the product to the client and giving a demonstration where applicable.

They do installations, product set up, practical demonstration of usage etc. MCCSales Partners will provide you with suitable specialist salesmen that are sure to leave your customers satisfied after every transaction

These are Salesmen that are saddled with the responsibility of covering designated retail outlets using the route-to-market sales methodology. They will help you increase your market share by ensuring they meet and surpass sales targets.

They effectively monitor the supply process from the sales call to batching to the final delivery. You can count on us to provide top-notch pre-sellers that meet industry standards. We have vast experience in the provision of best fit Pre-sellers to our esteemed client.

This category of Salesmen are those who are in charge of product appearance, enlightening consumers on existing offers, inventory keeping and other services that ensure the ultimate satisfaction of the consumer.

They usually manage corporate outlets like supermarkets, mini marts etc. Merchandizers ensure the smooth flow of the buying process for the consumers.

MCCSalesman outsources highly skilled merchandisers that know the importance of customer brand management.

These salesmen are trained to take a consultative approach to selling. They understand the dynamic perception of the buyer and tailor the selling process to fit it.

They effectively devise strategies to solve problems thereby adding value to business partnerships. MCCSales Partners outsources sales consultants who are intricately familiar with the consultative sales approach. We groom them to take each business transaction as an opportunity to add value to the client.

This category of sales professionals utilizes the power of technology to drive sales. They are familiar with the use of CRM and related sales technology software, and they leverage on social and online platforms to support the sales processes.

MCCSales Partners understands the importance of technology in the future of sales, and prepares her salesmen to be fully equipped to be at the fore front of innovative sales processes.

Process Flow

The MCCSales Partners unemployed/fresh graduates will undergo these stages as shown on the diagram:


Testing and Screening of the Candidates for Training:

Candidates are to register for the programme and complete the test assessment. The result for the assessment is shared and the successful candidate would get an email from our MCCSalesman training team advising to make payment to secure a space for the training.

Payment Confirmation

Once the payment is received, an email is sent to the candidate that will include the payment receipt, a seat number and training stream/batch.

Training Delivery

The classroom training is for a period of eight weeks and five modules including the use of the CRM would be taught by experienced facilitators.

Field Sales Experience

Participants will engage in a practical session, where they will be assigned to work with the sales team of our client company on the field. This will run for five days.

Field Sales Experience – MCC Stage

At this stage, participants will be deployed to market the products of Mark Calthers to our clients.

Post Training Evaluation

At the end of the practical session, there would be a post training assessment to measure the rate of retention of the skills learnt.

Job Placement

Successful participants from the post training assessments will be available for internship or permanent placements with our reputable partner companies.:

The MCCSalesman entry level sales professionals will undergo these stages as shown in the diagram:

Client’s acceptance of Programme

The first step is for companies to accept our proposal to train their entry level employees. They would send in the selected employees that would participate in the programme.

Payment Confirmation

The selected employees will register for the program, and the employer company will proceed to make payment.

Once the payment is received, an email is sent to the candidates that will include the payment receipt, a seat number and training stream/batch.

Training Delivery

The classroom training is for a period of eight weeks and five modules including the use of the CRM would be taught by experienced facilitators.

Evaluation of training outcome with the client company

At the end of the training, there would be a post training assessment to evaluate the level of retention of the skills acquired by the employees.

Client’s feedback on employee post-training performance

The results of the post-training performance assessment would be sent to our clients for review. When the feedback is received, the necessary steps will be taken to expedite action as the need arises. We will work with our clients to ensure there is Return-on-Investment on the training deployed.

Benefits to Companies:

MCCSalesman is the right stop for well-trained sales teams. We align with the company goal to deliver sales professionals that are best suited for your needs.

As a partner company, you have access to the following:

  • A highly skilled and committed sales team.
  • Elimination or reduction of training cost.
  • Increased speed of response to market penetration.
  • Strategic support for achievement of company goals.
  • Ability to focus on core business activities.
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