Selling Skills for non-sales people

This module is designed for those whose primary job function is not in the sales unit, but would be expected to pitch in once in a while, or provide support to the sales unit. The topics in this program are:

  • Critical Success factors in selling
  • Identifying the business and personal needs of the buyer
  • Questioning techniques to establish customer needs
  • Dealing with objections positively
  • Relating product and service features as benefits
  • Gaining the right commitments
  • Dealing with the different personalities, from shop floor to board

Field and Direct Sales Training

  • Boosting Earnings and Self-Motivation
  • Getting Great Results: Managing Your Customer
  • Developing Great Customers: Relating to the Customer
  • Finding Great Opportunities: Exploring Customer Needs
  • Providing Great Ideas: Advising Your Customer
  • Getting a Great Raise: Tying It All Together

Sales Management Programme

  • Top ten characteristics of high performing sales executives
  • Establishing your career goals and strategy
  • Designing your sales organization goals and structures
  • Creating a high-performance sales team through recruitment, selection, and hiring
  • Coaching and developing salespeople
  • Fostering a championship culture for your sales team

Presentation Skills

This module is designed to teach the sales people on how to incorporate successful presentation strategies into the selling process. The topics in this program are:

  • Enhancing self-image
  • Understanding the purpose of Presentation
  • Potential audience identification
  • Audience rapport
  • Preparing presentation – content
  • Importance Getting absolute timing right
  • Quality of information assessment and note usage
  • Visual aids selection
  • Appearance, body language and eye contact
  • Mechanics of speaking

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