MCCSales Partners provides organizations with a one stop shop to cater for their sales functions, manpower sourcing and development needs. We recruit, Train and Outsource professionals involved in the various steps of the Sales process..

Why become a Salesman?

Selling is a great profession. It has advantages that few other careers can only dream of. Becoming a Salesman with MCCSales Partners will avail you the following opportunities.


Successful candidates inducted with the programme will have the opportunity of going through the ‘’Salesman 101 Programme”. This is an intensive purpose 5 Day packaged training programme aimed at providing participants with essential selling skills to excel on the field.

-Employment Opportunity

There are two types of job placement opportunities available here. Successful candidates will either be absorbed by Mark Calthers Consulting Limited and outsourced to client companies with openings for sales opportunities or the alternative is for MCCSales Partners to assist successful participants with permanent placement opportunity with clients.

Types of MCCSales Partners

  • Sales Executive
  • Direct Sales Agent
  • Presellers.
  • Merchandizers
  • Direct Sales Men/ Marketers
  • Sales Associates
  • Sales Engineers
  • Sales Consultants
  • Van Sales Representatives
  • Sales Coordinators
  • MCC Sales Partners
Become MCCSalesman
  1. no post NYSC sales experience1-2 years3-5 years6-10yearsAbove 10 Years

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