We are a sales talent source and trainer of choice for fresh graduates, entry level and experienced sales professionals and corporate organisations.

MCCSales Partners is a sales intervention product launched by Mark Calthers Consulting targeted at the provision of best fit sales talents and sales intervention solutions to companies by partnering with them to render manpower sourcing, training and development with efficient managing and administration of sales workforce in the Nigerian business community.

MCCSales Partner comprises of:

  • MCCSales Partners Training
  • MCCSales Partners Outsourcing
  • MCCSales Partners Recruitment

Our main focus is to grow the Nigeria workforce interested in pursuing a career in sales and marketing, the main goal is to harness the sales potential of the Nigerian workforce, also increase the revenue of corporate organisations by the provision of sales experts to expand their market share which will overturn boost the economy of Nigeria and attract foreign investors into Nigeria.

We focus on global best sales practise in all our project deliverables.

MCCSales Partners Training is solely for equipping of budding/experienced sales professionals with requisite soft skills sales training. This training is delivered by experience industry experts. The training is in three categories namely open programmes, In-plant and Freshman sales training.

MCCSales Partners Outsourcing is the secondments of best fit sales talent to organisations. We have different categories of Salesman available for deployment.

MCCSales Partners Recruitment is the sourcing, selection and placement of qualified sales candidates to prospecting clients. This is basically dependent on the job profile required by the client .

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